Fitness Friday

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Fitness Friday Articles, by Mary Kershaw of Real Chicks Fitness:

– Fitness Friday: Scaling Back and Taping Up

– Fitness Friday: Ruuuunnnning in the Rain

– Fitness Friday: The Learning Ladder

– Fitness Friday: Sometimes We Just Need to Laugh

– Fitness Friday: Why Your Body NEEDS to Swip!

– Fitness Friday: Vacation Victory 

– Fitness Friday: Finding Your Footing in the Mud

– Fitness Friday: The Evolution of Exercise

– Fitness Friday: Soak Up Spring!

– Fitness Friday: Spice It Up!

– Fitness Friday: Screw the Scale Campaign

– Fitness Friday: The Clutter Clean Queen WOD

– Fitness Friday: The Real Chicks Revolution

– Fitness Friday: Weathering the Red Storm

Health Wise Home is excited to welcome and announce our new Fitness contributor, fitness-fridayMary Kershaw of Real Chicks Fitness.  Over the past couple of months I have received many request for more fitness-related posts. After talking with Mary and getting to know more about Real Chicks Fitness, we decided to make her part of the Health Wise Home team. Mary will be writing a weekly fitness post beginning Friday, March 1st called FITNESS FRIDAY. She will be sharing fitness tips, workouts, and other related information to keep us all motivated and moving in the right direction. If you have any fitness topics that you would like Mary to address, you can leave a comment in this post or email her directly at: And, don’t forget to stop by Real Chicks Fitness and welcome Mary to our team!

More About Mary Kershaw and Real Chicks Fitness:

PrintMary Kershaw is passionate about empowering women to be confident, strong and happy in their lives. She believes every woman is capable of achieving any goal and conquering any challenge. She is the owner of Real Chicks Fitness, which she started after the birth of her third child and only daughter, Emma. Mary wanted to empower women through fitness and show her daughter that a woman is capable of absolutely anything she sets her mind to achieving. She is a certified personal trainer who specializes in being just a little bit different. Her approach to fitness is about making the exercise work for each client, so they find success and keeping every workout fresh and creative. Her girls never know what they’re going to get from session to session. Real Chicks Fitness is all about real women, real life and real results. Join the REAL CHICKS Revolution on Facebook. Search for Real Chicks Fitness and join our closed group. 


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